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Wk7 R2 - sore foot and stiff legs!!


I’ve miraculously made it to week 7 and have loved every minute of it. The longer runs aren’t easy but neither are they impossible. My concern is that I’m more stiff and sore after the longer runs. I warm up and cool down with the relevant stretches but I’m still sore (my poor knees!) Is this just how it’s meant to be? Any words of wisdom will be gratefully received!

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One of the reason it is a nine week program is our bodies do not adjust as quick to new exercise as we think, it takes time. The aches and should subside as time goes on. To be honest I wish I could tell you how long my knees stopped hurting after graduation but one day I just noticed they didn’t.

If by a slim chance they carry on then there might be a trip to a physio on the horizon to make sure everything is in the right place as that tends to need a sports massage and things like physio exercises to right it.

Take care Rfc x

Thank you so much for your reply RFC. It’s definitely better after the day of rest but obvious that after a relatively inactive 43 years my body is going to be wondering what on Earth is going on!!!! Thanks again and have a good day ☀️

RealfoodieclubGraduate in reply to joannaj88

You too. 🙂

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