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Finished W7R3 on Friday, then away for the weekend camping with friends, did 22k canoe in the lovely rain Sunday, so thought I won’t do my run Monday as I’ll need a recovery day, woke up this morning and felt rough, think I now have a chill, the thing that’s stressing me out most is I’m missing my run timetable, hoping to run thurs, but that’s almost a week of rest days, do I try W8R1 or go back a couple of weeks?

Sorry for the long post gang 😞

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Just go for it! The first half the week your legs were still building... then they were enjoying the rest... they’re ready to go... just relax and do what you’ve done to get you to week 8... you can do it.

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You will be fine to move on...we don't lose fitness that quickly! Get over that chill and head out.. slow and steady!

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I'd give it a go. I'm sure you will be fine. Don't go too fast and you will be fine! Only run if you are better! 🤪🤪

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