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A little on the top


so every week I always felt that I 'just managed' to complete the run but with each run I felt myself gaining stamina and endurance.

Today was W5R2.

I woke up feeling shockingly bad; cramp in my butt cheek, foot hurt, headache coming on and a little queezy, wasn't even expecting to last a single 8 minute stint..

Even the 5 minute warm up had my legs stiffening up. however once I started everything just felt perfect, breathing was spot on; no stitches, feet felt like they were running on clouds and the energy just kept on coming; I headed home after running for 44 minutes straight as I need to get ready for work but I honestly felt I had another 5k in me.

6.3km I think I hit the 5km mark around the 35th minute mark.

I will return to the pre planned schedule from Friday morning as i know how important it is to follow the plan to avoid injury and build stamina but WOW - feeling on top of the world right now.

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I am going to say well done... but.. and you acknowledge it yourself... sticking to plan is the way. The blinking hidden injuries are just that...hidden.

Those little twinges, butt pain and stiffening legs may be indicative of issues...just take care!

Enjoy your day :)


Stretch really, really well... :)


It’s so tempting to push on if you can but do be careful. Well done anyway 👍🏼

Amazing! Good to know that perseverance and hard work pays off...just finished by first week so the end seems like a long way off but I continue to be inspired by people like you :-)

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