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Damn iPhone alarm (W5R1)


Woke early for W5R1, before the alarm went off, and after a warm up/stretch off I went.

Run all went fine, except that my 6.15am alarm went off less than halfway through the third 5 min run, which I cancelled.

I then thought 'these 5 minutes are very long, had a run into a time-warp?'

But no. Cancelling the alarm paused the C25K app, so the last 5 minutes ended up being over 8 minutes long.

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Wow well done! I just did the first run week 5 too but not sure I could have done the extra 3 mins lol


Can I ask what warm up/stretch you do as I only do the 5 min walk to warm up! Should I do more. I stretch at end every time

Javert in reply to RedT

Don't do masses - mainly just to monitor areas of my legs that I have had trouble with in the past. So:

- stretch my outer shin so that they don't become tight when running.

- some squats to stretch and strengthen a muscle that runs from the quads to the inside of the knee

- calf stretches

- quad stretches

- groin stretches

Usually do 3 reps.

The most important for me are the first two, which I also repeat at the end of the 5 min warm down.

RedTGraduate in reply to Javert

Thanks will have a look at these! Will give them a go

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