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Anxiety not as strong as running tonight


I graduated in June and last posted at the end of the month. Things felt under control.

Unfortunately, anxiety has overcome me since. A churning feeling in my stomach, a faster heartbeat and difficulty sleeping have been my constant companions. There is no rational reason why. Every time I have tried to run, the panic has grown and I have had to stop.

For some reason today I did it, running three five minute runs. I feel a little better.

How do other people who suffer from anxiety manage it so they are able to run?

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I don’t suffer anxiety when running, but I’ve found lots of helpful information on coping strategies previously on the Mind website, so might be worth a look.


I can't explain it but in the seven runs I've done now, my anxiety has not been present at all. Getting ready, putting trainers on, still gives me butterflies but as soon as I step out of the door and put Laura on my iPod, I feel really quite calm. Then after a couple of hours of finishing, I get the heart thumping, dizziness, etc. that signals my anxiety is back.

Sleeping has improved massively over the past few weeks though. If anything I only wake up in the night to go for a wee because I'm constant glugging water to keep hydrated.

Hi is this when you are running or before? I get nervous before the run too. I would just maybe get yr GP to check it isn’t anything physical. Hope it gets better for you x

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