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Rest days


I am currently finding rest days slightly annoying as there are some days that I can’t do. I ran w2 r1 today but I can’t do Wednesday, I can do Tuesday Thursday or Friday and wanted to get the runs in before I go on holiday on Saturday. I’m going to take my running stuff with me and get three in when I’m away next week, but having trouble fitting the 3 in this week with rest days in between....

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The trick with this is to get the first run of the week done on a Sunday if you know you have a busy week ahead - I've been caught out the same way a couple of times. But we do need our rest days - they’re essential for our well-being. Happy running and have a great holiday 😀


Just do a run Sunday whilst away...and don't worry if you don't manage to get three in..or have to take an extra rest day..the runs will still be there..😊


Yes annoying but important at this point in your training. Better to get there safely....Once you are an experienced runner you can run consecutive days if you want/need


If you don’t have a rest day between runs you increase your risk of injury so even though you may be tempted don’t do it! Some people take longer than the 9 weeks so if you need to carry a run over into the next week there’s nothing wrong with that either

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