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Week 5, Run 1. Back at it


Back again.

After doing a 10k last October around Finsbury Park (HILLS!) I stopped for one reason and another. I put off starting again for an age, even though I knew I wasn't feeling great - I've really learnt to understand that exercise actually makes my mind feel good, who knew?? - I started again a little over a month ago and this morning I completed Week 5 Run 1. Same as before, finding my breathing much easier, even in the heat and with asthma, but my legs get tired first. Thankfully, after doing this once before I know that the legs catch up eventually.

I just wanted to write a note to say hello, and solidarity to everyone else who's on their own journey, in this heat!

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Welcome back! I’ve just finished my second visit to the programme. Last time I used the treadmill and just a read out of what was required ie: no Laura in my ear. This time I was outside and listening to Laura’s advice and encouragement. Really helpful to know that you have achieved running fitness before and feel it coming back however slowly! Enjoy!


Slow, steady and well done you:)

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