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Hi, I have graduated!! In the heat with dodgy knees!

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I have now done 5 runs of 30 minutes and all the set runs, I think I have used a different app to you guys though, it is American and only tells you when to start and stop running! Yours sound much more fun. Does this mean I don't get the badge! will have to make myself a sticker! I am so amazed that I have done this and actually enjoy jogging now. Still only do 4.5 k in 30 mins but do it comfortably. Need to push myself to go a bit faster but will build up. At the start I could not breathe after 90 seconds and my knees were so swollen I couldn't kneel down. Can now talk whilst jogging and knees only stiff the next day. Still sweat buckets though!!!!

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I think I’ve seen that version... you run as long as you can, walk and then go again when you can right?

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I think it follows same as other eg in week 1 you run 90 seconds then walk some then run again, it literally just says start running, stop running and half way. with long pauses! I think the posts suggest that the app talks to you in between and has music? could be confused!

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Maybe another version lol

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Firstly and most importantly, congratulations!! I'm sure you're entitled to a badge if you've done all of your programme and it's roughly the same as all the others. Find the latest August graduate badge post in the pinned posts and ask there :)

Were you using something like the zenlabs version? :)

"our" app - the NHS/"One you"/BBC sponsored one (so not available outside UK?) has trainers which talk to you, with advice and stuff in between, and you can play your own music alongside.

The predecessor to this was a set of podcasts which have music built in as well.

If you are in the UK you can always find these and revisit your 30 minute runs using these for interest! If you're outside the UK ... I'm not sure ... but you might be able to find the podcasts :)

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