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Week 6 Run 1 - I didn’t like it!


Like others who have posted here recently, I found Week 6 Run 1a bit ... anticlimactic.

After running for 20 straight minutes at the end of Week 5, it was quite unsettling to go back to walking intervals. I found it harder to relax into the run and get into ‘the zone’ and felt lots of little niggles in my legs - all mental niggles, I am sure!

Still, I shall trust in the programme which has got me off the couch 3 times a week, and hope that run 2 is more enjoyable. Onwards and upwards!

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Legs probably wanted to go go go. Interval work is good, you’ll enjoy it post grad I’m sure. Don’t like it, did it, onwards!


You'll soon be into uninterrupted runs, make the most of it! I now miss the walk breaks! Keep plodding on, well done you!

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