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Longest Week 8 ever!


Finally broke my curse! Week 8 was horrific and lasted about 4 weeks due to injury, holidays and stressful work schedule but I finally made it on to complete week 9 run 1 today and my god it was the hardest run I’ve done so far but I made it. Probably didn’t help that it’s my first outdoor run for a while and I got chased by a lovely couple of geese in the park. Must have thought I needed a bit of extra motivation to get round today!

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Sorry to hear you’ve had a hard time but brilliant to get back on it and tackle week 9 you are so close now and with the geese encouraging you on maybe you’ll fly through the rest but take it slow!!! 👍🏻😊🙌


Well done for keeping on. No dishonour in taking time ..... slow and steady I believe is the mantra! All the best for this final stretch.

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