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Morning 🌝 W7R1


I planned to run last night like I normally do but at 8:30 I decided now I’m not working (summer break) i’d run in the morning.

So I’m just home from my first morning run. I started to fast, I know this because when the half way bell rang I was further along than I should have been. I slowed my pace and managed to complete the run with only one 20ish paced walk which I had to force myself out of. Felt sick at the end but fine once doing the cool down walk.

Not sure if morning running is for me I prefer the atmosphere at night but I will give it another go and see.

I’m running alone now, my daughter doesn’t want to do it now we’ve completed the 5k inflatable run. I noticed today I get lost in my thoughts now she’s not there and don’t notice much going on around me. There was a man walking ahead of me, my target to keep me moving. I thought to myself I will pass him in a minute or so and then I zoned out, tuned back in surprised to realise my target had gone. 🤣

It feels good to be running again 😀😃😁

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I love the ME time of a run, it is One of the main reasons I keep running. I think we all have a body clock preference for exercise, mind is around 11am and I’m lucky my schedule allows me too. 😀.

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