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Graduated yesterday now what? - how to keep going?


So I know you are supposed to take rest days but the complication if living in 3 different locations over the next couple of weeks had me in a quandary so Saturday I did run 2 and yesterday run3. Felt so happy to have completed and graduated having talked so much about doing it, but what’s next? How to keep the momentum going?

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I'm only on week 5 but already I'm asking that very question! When I reach that stage I'll tune in to Bridge to 10k.

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Thank you. I think the next step will be to get a few Park runs under my belt and see how I feel about longer runs after that. Cooler weather is definitely helping 👍. Good luck with your runs the app definitely works


Check this out...

Loads of consolidation too.... different routes and distances and loads of 30 minutes. C25K has only just begun the process of building up our running legs and our stamina and strength...

Try then after a couple of weeks... the C25K+ podcasts.. challenging and fun and useful. A few folk try them too soon after Graduation and totally miss the point of them... they are all about the disciplines within our running:)

Try also, to get at least one rest day in if you are able, ( I know life happens and it can be hard) those micro tears can be an issue, and do need recovery time...:)

Take a couple of rest days after those two runs... and remember too, maybe, to up your rest day exercise too :)

Huge congratulations.... Graduate!

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Many thanks for the tips and advice 👍 looking forward to getting back in the gym and balancing it out

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