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Gave up... want to restart!


Hello everyone, it feels good to be back.

After being pathetic (personally!) and not wanting to go for a run due to the hot weather, plus work being very stressful... I am wanting to get back into my couch to 5k! According to my app, I was about to do week 7, run 3 but I am not sure if I could run consistently for 25 minutes going from nothing for a few weeks! Any suggestions on which week I should start again at or just go from week 1?

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I doubt you’ll need to go back to week 1. Maybe try 5? If it’s too much, you can go back further 👌🏽 You might surprise yourself 😌


Try a few shorter than 25 minute runs to start with, no need to go back to week 1, say start at week 4, that's a few 3 minute runs with short walking intervals, then you could have a go at that week 5 run 3, 20 minutes before the 25 minute run you did a few weeks ago.

As long as it won't upset you if you don't complete it at first go why not try w7r3, slowly, obvs😀. You will probably get a nice surprise. If you think it would knock you why not try w6r1 as that has a break in it.

Third option is to do run a from each week until you get to the week where you think you'd be OK just to carry on. I think you'll find that you don't need to start from scratch and do it all again.

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