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Lovely run in the rain!!


Was in bed listening to the rain from 6.30 thinking ok give it another half an hour it may to 8 and decided it really wasn’t going to, so, nothing for it wake Mr P up and hand him his gear, once you’re soaked who cares!! 25 minute run in the rain and he said it was the best one yet, nice and cool, so both enjoyed it roll in Tuesday!!

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Lovely... cool and refreshing :)

in reply to Oldfloss

It was ...loved your post sounds like you are being a good patient! My pots have been very glad of the rain this weekend, but probably not a patch on your garden as I am busier than ever with my new job 😊

I really enjoyed it too. I've seen people running in rain before and thought what are u thinking! ?!? But now i know.

in reply to Tracew1

Totally!!! 🤣🤣

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