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Time management!?


Hi, so I've just started couch to 5K, I'm on week 1on my 3rd day run. I've been thinking about time management a lot when looking to plan my runs. My question here is that the app says to leave a day in between each run. Is it possible/sensible to run the day after if you know you don't have time on the day you should be going... For example if I run Monday can I run Tuesday if I am too busy on Wednesday or is it better to leave it until Thursday? What would be more beneficial?

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It's not good to run on consecutive days - you need time to recover and you risk picking up an injury. So if you run on Monday, the next can be Wednesday or Thursday. Remember you don't have to complete each 'week' of the programme in an actual calendar week, so take it easy and just do what you can, when you can. Good luck and happy running!


Rest days are very important in the move from the couch to runner. Once you’ve completed the programme you’ll be fit enough to go to a 5/6 day plan if you’re careful, and one of those would normally be cross training or gym.

If you have a bike, a gentle cycle ride on off days can be good, alternatively a walk... anything but running!


Better to wait til Thursday. Basically, in building new stronger running legs you are creating micro-tears in the muscles which your body over repairs (hence why it can feel a bit achey); if you run on consecutive days too soon your body won't have time to fix the micro-tears so you'll end up with bigger tears which will lead to injury. The over repair is the new additional strength. So you need the gap.

And three runs a week was always one two day gap, so just plan it when it works for you...


You should definitely leave a day between runs! It’s a commonly talked about topic this and the experts say you shouldn’t do any consecutive days until you’ve been running at least 6 months. I agree!

Thanks guys, I will leave some time then, maybe do some gentle excersizes or yoga if I am leaving 2 days in between... Thanks!


Ha. I asked this question too, after reading the literature. The resounding answer was to leave a day between. This is because of the small tears and bleeds in your muscles as your body is learning to cope with a different exercise. This is good advice. Soon your life will fall into place with space every second, or third day.

I did C25K Sun, Wed, Fri. After I graduated I had to change somthat I could do a parkrun on Saturdays. Now I’m in the groove it’s fine.


I am on W9 run 1. I made a mistake at week 7 and ran for 2 consecutive days I felt ok and then the following run I felt some aches and the run after that I was in pain. I had to rest for 2 weeks and ease back in. Thankfully I didn't do any lasting damage. I am very careful to listen to my body now.

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