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Start again?


Hi everyone. So after 8 weeks I finally completed the programme and achieved my target of running the race for life at the beginning of July. However life got super busy including my hubby breaking his leg and I've not run since and when I tried this morning I really struggled and only managed 18 mins. Have I lost all my running ability and should I start the programme again?

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No, you’ve not lost all of your ability, in fact you should have lost very little. If you ran 18 minutes, you can run 20. Maybe a run from each of the last weeks would get you back to graduation fitness.


Welcome back :)

Hope husband is recovered too!

There are a lot of folk who do it all again...either after injury or because they had to stop for some reason.... and there may be merit in that... :)

I have started C25K again, after long spells on the IC and also, picked certain weeks to do until I was back where I left the running path:)

No pressure, you know what is coming... and it is fun...

Did you finish the programme and graduate?

The decision is yours... you could start it again, and then when your body tells you it is ready... move on:)

Most of us will begin to lose fitness after a couple of weeks, unless we are putting in other exercise too...You won't have lost your ability to is still there:)

I have been on the IC for six weeks and know my fitness levels are down... so have upped my exercise regime for strength and stamina:)

Let us know how you are moving on :)


I read in a running book that if you’ve had time off you start with what you can do then add 10% each week so 18 minutes this week, 20 minutes next week, 22 week after and so on. No need to start at week one. Hope this helps.

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