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Best budget sports tracking band/watch?

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I bought my wife a fitbit and as I got it at Istanbul Airport it was expensive. Having taken up this running malarkey I thought I would get one for myself but being a tight person thought I would get a budget one. Duly got one for about 10% and it is great does most of what the fitbit does but it would seem that I got the only one on the market that does not do heart rate! Whoops!

There are loads out there without spending fortunes so has anyone got any suggestions please.


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I know a few without heartrate that are on the lower price scale but before I bought my garmin I bought one from amazon for £25 but it got sent back as It couldn’t get my HR, I then Bought my garmin and I haven’t looked back. I like the gps side of garmin and their running stats as well as all the step Information. My Dad has the Lidl one without HR and likes it just for steps, they do a hr one for around £30 I think, the brand is called sanitas.

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