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W7R1 not so good


While I was very excited to do this run, I apparently got ahead of myself and I started with higher speed than I usually run. I burnt myself out in 10 minutes. I didn’t push too hard afterwards because I felt lazy.

No one to blame but myself. Everyone here has told me not to care too much about the speed. But here we go!

Generally speaking it happens for me that I get too excited about something that the high expectation turns me down.

Will try again tomorrow!

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Don’t beat yourself up. I failed W7r1 miserably also but didn’t give up and thought just concentrate on continuous running and the speed will

Come naturally. Keep going!

I start week 7 on Sunday I hope I am bit quicker this time


Put it behind you and personally I’d take a day off tomorrow. Get your legs back and give it another go. And no sprinting! :-)

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