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W9 R2 and I just ran 5k!!!

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Got up this morning and nearly didn't go out at all as it looked like rain and, you know, it was 7am on a Saturday morning. Anyway, I forced myself out and for the first time since I started C25K it was cool and cloudy. I did a new route through a different park and a lovely flat road. The running felt much easier than it had before and although I had a dip around 25 minutes, when Sarah announced the 30 mins were up I was on 4.5km and just kept running until I got to 5km in 35.31. Have just pored over my stats and somehow it turns out I was running 30 seconds faster per km than on any previous run. Although the heat has been a real struggle these last few weeks now I feel like Mo Farah heat training in Ethiopia!!!

Like many people on here I never believed I could ever run 5k, but I just have and and am feeling so proud. This is such a good programme!

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Wow! 35 minutes for 5k is a good time too. Good luck for you graduation run πŸ˜€πŸƒπŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

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Thank you! Hope I can repeat the miracle...


Well done, you are set up brilliantly for your graduation run βœ…

in reply to Crib

Thank you. Feeling excited about graduating...

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