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W8 R3 - leaving the treadmill...track suggestions?


For my 24th run I decided to go outside for the first time. It wasn’t the call of the wild. It’s just that the gym doesn’t open till 09.00 and doesn’t have air con. Wednesday’s treadmill run was extremely hot so I took Sarah M’s advice and ran round the perimeter of my local cricket pitch at 6am.

To be honest I think I slacked a bit. With no treadmill to make me keep the pace I ran really slowly. But it was lovely to see the rabbits and squirrels and there was even a slight breeze.

I thought, being a cricket pitch, there would be no dog poo. There was. What is wrong with people!? I speak as a dog owner (well Ted owns us really).

Next week - W9 the home straight for graduation I hope.

So I need to add another track to my running playlist to take into account the extra time. (I always finish with “Justified and Ancient” by KLF though.)

Any suggestions from your favourite running tracks welcome!

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Well done Robert!! I love that it wasn’t a call to the wild, but it sounds as though it was fully enjoyed! Well done you!! My go to track is Stormzy Blinded By Your Grace! That one makes me pick up the pace with a smile! I’m blinded by the new capability to run! ❤️

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Thanks Fabulous450!

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