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Week 1 completed (run 3)!!


Well I completed week 1. I feel like I have run a 5k ( I am aware I do have a very very long way to go before I do a 5k).

I was so glad to hear Laura, say “you have 2 more runs”, could not believe it, then 1 more run. Hoorah didn’t think I would even complete the week when I started.

I made a huge mistake took my dog with me. He’s still panting heavily and we’re back home. I wasn’t going fast at all😂.

I guess tomorrow I will be aching badly and feeling sore. However, I’m looking forward to next weeks’ challenge, as I expect it to get more tougher and I will need to did deep.

What suggestions do you have about activities to do on recovery days?

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Well done!

Walking, swimming, weights, cycling, anything that doesn't involve running or similar movements is great for rest days. It's also OK to do nothing some days! If you've not done much or any exercising for a long time, you need to ease into these things gradually. Otherwise, you risk being constantly fatigued, which will affect your performance and might even result in you giving up completely.

If you run slowly, and slow down even more as the running intervals get longer, you should find the programme totally doable.

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Thanks Denovo, will try to walk on my recovery days which counts for exercise, though possibly at a slower pace, so my dog can keep up.

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