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Found a use for odd socks at last!


Random I know but I have one foot slightly smaller than the other and on my first week I got a rubbed heel from the friction of it moving inside the shoe. Since then I've worn an extra sock on that foot and not had any further trouble! Running with one black sock and one white on show is further proof that 6 weeks in I have cast off inhibitions about running! I could put the black sock on the inside but I feel somewhat rebellious about it. hahaha!

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I get that, celebrate your quirks I say 😀, I always do. I always say I run I spite of myself. I am currently waiting for custom made orthotics because my toes don’t flex when running. It has take me 5 years to get to the bottom of this problem so finding an extra sock works at 6 weeks is great.

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I'm glad you found your solution at last! That must have made it all very difficult!

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Thank you, I just thought I was old and arthritic, 😀. I think they will make a big difference.

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