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Impressed with you lot!!!


I have not ran for two weeks due to wok and the heat 😓the running is hard enough but I can’t even contemplate doing it in this heat- I run 1st thing and it’s even too warm then at the moment! I can just about breathe when it’s cool and I run- to run in this heat would finish me off 😂I’m very impressed with all the people on here who are clearly fitter and more determined than me- I will be back and I will graduate- when it’s cooled down 😘xx

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Heat is a big issue for many, fit or not. There’s less oxygen in hot air and if you factor in the humidity, your breathing can get even more laboured. Some are ok in those circumstances (me, l like it) and some aren’t. Wait for the temperature to cool down, run when it’s comfortable for you, don’t bother comparing yourself with anyone else (no point, we are all different) and take it nice, slow and easy. Keep us posted, and enjoy yourself!

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Thank you I will x


We run early.. before work around 6am. It's mostly been ok then but on Tuesday it was really uncomfortable.

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No way could I run before work!! You are an athlete! 😉

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