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Found my ideal running track. Shame it’s week 11 and I’m only here 2 days!


This is my second consolidation week (ie repeating 30 min runs) and my favourite run so far. Quiet, flat, gorgeous views and cool. Only thanks to local knowledge did I manage the flat bit but it makes me wonder if I should be more adventurous when I get home. I’ve only ever started from my house which severely limits the variety. Something to think about next week. Meanwhile a different place again on Thursday. That’s back home home though (where I grew up - not where I live now!!) so less ‘foreign’. Running when is 16 degrees? No trouble 😊

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Looks beautiful, I love a bit of running tourism. Sometimes I vary my route at home just to shake things up a bit, I find it is fun.

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In Moffat for tomorrow’s run. It’ll be my first wet run I think since I started in April.

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