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Sanjeev kohli saved my life


My graduation run was last saturdays Luton park run. The organisers described the finish as a slight slope. After the 4th ascent I felt that I’d reached camp 4 on Everest. But it was in the bag!

Regular weekly tennis had reduced to an occasional few lengths at the local pool and finally to watching sport rather than participating. At 62 with raised blood pressure this was not wise and big thanks to my oldest mate James for introducing me to C to 5k.

Sanjeev kohli was my mentor and his gentle encouragement dragged me over every hurdle along the way - even the toxic ten.

My 5k park run in 33 minutes will not change the world but it has changed mine. Thank you Sanjeev and the C to 5k developers. By the way “fags bags and mags” is inspired. Keep it up Sanjeev. Phill

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Well done you! It’s good innit 💪👍😃. Another one hooked 🙂

We have a 10k community and one for race support so feel free 😃. Have a browse


Congratulations! I also did my first park run on Saturday and feeling slightly hooked. I was a LOT slower than you and I am 45! be proud of what you've achieved and enjoy your running journey.

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