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Week 3 day 1

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I was supposed to start this on Sunday but my partner has decided to start aswell to support me and also get fitter himself so we did week 1 instead he did brilliantly and his pace is faster than mine (I did tell him he will need to slow it down πŸ˜‰) . Anyway up early this morning he went to work and I set off for day 1 of week 3 thinking I would never be able to do 3 minutes but omg I only went and completed it i am in totally shock and can't stop smiling . Thankyou so so much for the tips and encouragement bring on day 2 😁😁

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That is brilliant news. Make sure that both of you run at your own pace when you run together. I would find it hard running with my other half as he is more a sprinter and I am a slow and steady type of runner.

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Thankyou . Never thought to have some us time we'd be going out for a run together 😁 he has said he will download some different music to slow him down we both love rock music but needs to find some slower beat ones being a drummer he should keep in time with it (hopefully )

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