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W3R1 repeated


All was going so well. At the end of W3 I felt confident that I could give W4 a good effort. Unfortunately I injured my ankle (non running related. Just feel down a small step) so to be on the safe side I took a wk off running and gym. I was climbing the walls.

Broke myself in gently last night with a trip to the gym just to make sure the ankle could handle it.

Because I had a wk off I’ve decided to repeat my previous wk rather than jump straight into wk4. I’m glad I did start wk3 again, I felt like it was an effort but I was comfortable. I think if I’d jumped straight into wk4 after a wk off I might have put myself off.

So, I’m back on it and I’m smiling again. Ankle seems ok so hopefully I can carry on without any more interruptions.

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Glad you’re back. These things happen. Slow and steady Have fun 👍😃

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