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Hip pain


I started this personal challenge this week and was delighted to put my fears aside and do the first run. But my hips are so painful today.. surely this can’t be right? I was slow and steady and wearing good trainers, and I’m not carrying extra weight- just unfit.. Guess I need to get myself checked out? Or is this common at first? Feeling low after my starter’s high..

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Quite common to feel achey keep at it it’ll pass


Well done for starting. Yes, you will feel all sorts of aches and niggles at first. But it passes as you get a few weeks into the program. Doing stretches after your run may help and some people swear by (at?) their foam rollers for deep tissue massage.



I also had a lot of hip pain in the early weeks but put it down to excess weight. The pain does go I think my body was in shock in the early weeks as running / jogging had never been my thing but I love it now.

Thank you. I was in a lot of pain. Years ago I had bursitis and required injections but it had been good for a long time and I was so surprised that it was so bad after just one run. I’ve rested them, read up about the right stretches and possibly Pilates will help so I can get back into my challenge without problems. Fingers crossed!

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