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First 5k 😆😆😆


I was very happy with my 6:30/km pace at the end of week 8 (last Friday) but couldn’t match it in this heat. I wasn’t as relaxed and was irritated that I had to slow to walk for about 30 seconds a few times just to regulate my breathing. Since I felt I was cheating pace wise I thought I would just keep going to reach the 5k and altered my course slightly to achieve it. I’m so chuffed I managed the distance. 2 more runs until graduation and I’m hoping to keep up the distance for the rest of this week.

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if you need to walk to catch your breath... then slow down :) It is hot... the podium is in sight.... relax and cruise your way towards it:)

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Thanks - I definitely need to relax and slowing down is good advice. I saw another lost about how much slower you need to run in the heat, it was seriously hard going and I guess the rest of week 9 will be the same. Thanks for advice. I’m determined to do this!

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