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Week 5 run 3


I've been lurking on here for nearly 6 weeks. I never thought I'd come this far. The majority of my life I've joked about how I'm too fat to run and how I'll never ever run in my life. Deep down I've always wanted to run. I have so much admiration for those that do run. I've struggled for years with my mental health. I've even been admitted to a psychiatric hospital in the past. But today I completed week 5 run 3. I ran for a whole 20 minutes without stopping!!! I'm so proud of myself!!! I wouldn't have done it with you guys giving advice so thank you. X

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Very well done, and thanks for your motivational post. I've read this forum over the past 4 years and a frequent comment from the community is how running (and making these weekly successes) has improved mental health and the ability to cope/manage mental health issues. C25K does not only improve physical health :-)

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Thanks and you're welcome. Still a long way to go but I'm determined.


And so you should be proud! :)


Fabulous achievement - you are right to feel very proud 🙂

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