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Week 6 run 2 - and my 1st proper post!


Hi all

Well I’ve been “lurking” for a while but finally got up the courage to post 🤣

Week 6 run 2 today - week 6 been a bit disjointed by being away with work and other domestic stuff, but I set the alarm for 5am and off I went

1st 10 min run was un-nervingly easy! Really pleased .... but the 2nd run was a shocker. Breathing fine but calves really tight and I could have strangled MJ when he said I had only done 5 mins! 😱

Anyway - done now and now it’s just the single run sessions to go!

Sorry for rambling a bit!


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Welcome, former lurker! Congrats on the run - it's another milestone, moving on to the continuous runs. Keep going!


Keep going. My calf were the same and I’ve quickly learnt that I’m not warming up enough. I try and do 15mins on an exercise bike first that really helps with the tight calf’s.


Congratulations on finishing! I'm about to start week 6 today. Looking forward to it but I did find the last run (20 minutes) really hard. Just going to keep on plodding, doing what I'm told, distracting myself with random daydreams and muttering! Happy running!

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