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What now?


I should have graduated last week, but I pulled a muscle in my groin, pushing a client in a wheelchair. I have rested it for about 2 weeks and want to start running again, but am nervous. I feel like I am starting all over again. Will my groin be okay? Can I still run? Should I build up my times again? I’d just managed to run 5k the week before my injury, but don’t think I could do that now. Feeling a bit lost......

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Sorry to hear of your stay on the injury couch. I'm no expert and as yet haven't had an injury but I did stop running for 2 wks as I couldn't crack wk7 run 1 2 tries and my confidence dropped. After my 2 weeks off ( in the huff) I went out with the thought of just see how long I can do no pressure even 5 mins was better than I'd done in the 2 weeks before. I'd suggest that you go out n give it a try with no pressure of how long you have to do and see how you feel. If after a couple of mins it doesn't feel right just stop but be proud of yourself for the run you do. Oh and remember slow and steady wins the race. Happy running and keep smiling x

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Thank you. I think that is the answer. To run and not put myself under too much pressure to do a long run. Slow has always been my motto. 😉


You don't lose condition in two weeks, but when coming back from injury it is always wise to take it easy and build back gradually. Just go out and see what you can manage, only then will you know and you may well surprise yourself.

Take care.

Thank you. 2 weeks has seemed like an eternity. I will definitely take it easy.

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