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W3R1 (Again!)


After graduating the program last year and then getting just about every infection known to man, including a very serious bout of Man Flu a few weeks ago, I am back working my way through the program again building up my fitness again.

I decided to start from the beginning again with the amount of time I was off ill.

I'm back, slow and steady again, going for a double graduation, doing a little bit of gentle swimming on rest days.

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Great to see you back my friend..( Yep, sorry but I am still here :).

Very well done at getting started again.. are you in or outside? Very warm currently especially after Norway.. was it?

Loads of us have repeated C25K again after illness or injury..I may be doing the same again after my MRI in Friday!!!

The great thing is, you know what is coming and you know you can do it.. it gives you time to really relax and enjoy it :)

Looking forward to your posts again:) x


Slow and steady as ever... well done you!

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Thanks Oldfloss

I did both Norway and Finland towards the end of last year and yeah, it's a damn sight warmer here than it was there. I'm off on my holidays at the end of August, 2 weeks in Egypt, a little gentle jogging, some diving me thinks ;)

I'm still inside at the minute, I will be venturing outside before long.

I hate being ill but I hated not running even more, it's good to be back.


Great to see you are building up again. Keep at it and don't give up. Well done for battling through what must have been a miserable time .. I am sure you will be getting out there stronger than last time.

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Thanks Richard.

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