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Disastrous run but few lessons learned


Left it til 930am to run today and set out determined to break 10mn/km. All well in first K coming in at 9 mins THEN halfway through 2nd K started to feel dizzy and sick. Tried to walk for 1 min then do a speed run but felt worse so ended up walking back home and shut down runkeeper in disgust at 2K/9.5 mins.

Lessons learned -

1) other runners in shorts and tees and I was head to toe in black Lycra! I MUST get confident and beat some skin on hot days.

2) should have at least a slice of toast before setting out

3) get out sooner on hot days - or leave it til a cool evening

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I’ve always loved warm weather but running has given me a new found love of cool temperatures 😂 Yes, at least get some capris and a light coloured vest 👌🏽 You’re doing fab though 💪🏽


That Lycra can help on the legs and you’ll see many runners in them. Compression tops work too as a base layer but it’s probably too hot for more than one top so I think loose fitting is probably better.

Heat here also comes with humidity, so the body’s cooling system is hit three ways which doesn’t help at all. If humidity is very high I always think I’m sweating a lot more, but that’s because it’s not evaporating off me.

Hydration is more vital the warmer it is as you’re going to dehydrate more during the activity.

Not a fail though... you went out and ran, and you’ve learned something to carry forwards. Well done

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Thanks - I will bear that all in mind on Tues eve when I get back out there

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