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Wk6 done but really struggled


I finished wk6 on Friday and boy did I struggle, can only hope it was because of a change of routine, I normally run locally in the forest but was on holiday last week so did running machine for the first time ever also copious amounts of alcohol and food. Just hope when Im out for the start of week 7 tomorrow I find it easier back in my old routine.

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I’m with you starting week 7 Tuesday well done for getting this far


be kind to yourself, sometimes runs just aren't great but you did it anyway. For me those are the runs that meant the most as they showed me that I could do it if I just kept buggering on. Keep at it, you are very nearly there.

Snap! I’m finding week 6 much more of a challenge than previous weeks BUT it’s good that you’ve managed to complete it because now you know you can keep doing even when it’s tough. Good luck for week 7, I’ve got my final run of week 6 today then I’ll be joining you


Congratulations on getting through a struggle week. Increased alcohol probably didn’t help hydration, more food would depend on what it was and when in relation to your run. Running machines can make it seem harder to those used to running outside, when I was a runner I hated gym days with a vengeance.

All in all then a great week to face for you, and you’ll probably get a boost from going back to normality.

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