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Gentle run!


Morning all, went for a gentle run this morning with no Strava, no 5K+, no music, just my ordinary wrist watch for time keeping, and it was so enjoyable with me being the only person pushing me on - was a bit of a battle, I must admit, especially in the toxic 10minutes when I thought I'd run for much longer, shock horrors 😱, however after that it was good. It is so lovely out there in the cool of the early morning, with the birds for company, even the very vociferous gulls.

So to everyone here have a great day, enjoy your running, and to all those on the C25K 'journey' hope it goes well. It gives you such freedom with time to yourself - bliss!

Happy running 😎🌻

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I am a very low tech, early morning runner/jogger and I love the peace and tranquility before the world gets busy. Sounds like a lovely run

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