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Dreaded stitch

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Hi all i completed couch to 5k felt amazing. And want to continue. My problem is on nearly every run a raging stictch appears around 10 mins in. Then i run the rest of the run un agony. And basicly with 2 fingers James in my side and blowing hard. To try get the stitch to go.

It's effecting my runs as I'm trying to get faster but the stitch is slowing me down. And not I just can't compleat 30 mins which I'm gutted about

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Try this for advice:)

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Firstly, when you get a stitch... you have to slow down. You also have to regulate your breathing. "Blowing hard" will make it worse.

As soon as you feel a stitch... ease up and concentrate on your breathing. As deeply and regularly as you can. You should be able to make it pass.

Are you hydrating enough on a daily basis? I always put stitches down to bad breathing but some put it down to hydration too. Cover both and you should be fine 👍😉

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