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This is the second time I’ve started the C25k. I’m starting week 6 today. I have to say I don’t enjoy the running and am always pleased when I’ve finished. I don’t think any endorphins have ‘kicked in’ yet. I know everyone runs at different speeds but I am so slow. More like a loping walk! In my 5-20-5 session I covered 3.4k. Feeling a bit demotivated...

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Well done on getting to week 6 😁 slow is the key to the programme. On my 1st 20 min run I only covered 2.8k for the session including warm up and cool down. Distance and speed will come and I know I have said many times too I'm too slow but because I've slowed down even more I managed to get my happy pace yesterday during my wk 8 run where everything clicked for me. You are doing far more than those sitting on sofa doing nothing. Keep at it and keep smiling. X

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