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Week 9 dilemma


So week 9 Run 2 completed earlier this morning. Just graduation run to go and then I’ve actually done it!! So........do I do graduation run tomorrow evening (thereby not having a full rest day) or do I wait until I get to Croatia on Sunday and attempt it in the hot hot heat?? (Eveni early am and late evening look to be 28plus). Any thoughts peeps??

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I’m interested in opinions on this. I did week5run2 last Sunday morning (should have been Saturday evening) then did run3 on the Monday evening, leaving 30ish hours between and felt okay. I know it’s much less time running than week9 though.

You would have a good enough rest so try tomorrow but take it nice and slowly and stretch well afterwards.

Enjoy Croatia. We're there again later in the summer as we enjoyed it so much last year. It's a gorgeous location 🙂

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