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When I started off this morning I didn't think I was going to manage the 25 mins, I didn't seem to have much energy, BUT I DID IT !!!! , I think I started off too fast but soon settled into my slow snail jog, it seemed a long time before Laura came and told me I had gone half way, at the 20 minute mark, Sia came on in my music and sang ''Don't give up'', lol, it was just what I needed at this point, apparently I am officially a runner now, roll on Wk7, lets see how that goes :)

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Huge well done to you.. slow and steady as you head on into the lovely relaxed runs that follow:)

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Thank you, the encouragement that comes from people on this page is awesome, slow and steady is what I say to myself the whole time, I never thought I would get this far :) x

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