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App Problems, help/advice please


Hi all, have just completed Week 7 Run 1, legs felt very heavy, but otherwise it went quite well 😊. I seem to be having problems with the App, it paused twice today, luckily I was also running Strava, so could confirm that I actually ran for 28 mins in the end. I hadn’t accidentally pressed anything and phone was locked, but was wondering if going to another app (such as Strava) will cause C25K to pause. Any advice is appreciated.

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The same thing happened to me during W2R2. No idea why, but it never happened again.


I can usually flick between Strava and C25K without it pausing, but if I take my headphones out of the socket it pauses (I took them out to take my phone off my arm and take a photo during a recovery walk, not realising it would pause 😖) Also if I get a call it will pause so I stick my phone on ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode when I start. Not sure if any other apps affect it though 🤔

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Thank you, that’s helpful 😊 I could have knocked the headphone socket (my phone holder is quite tight) so I’ll have to be more careful in future. I think I’ll also start putting my phone on ‘do not disturb’ as well - just in case

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