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Oh dear!!


W8r2 - we’ll what a disappointment that was, half way through nothing seemed to be working. I gave myself an extra day of rest as I ached a bit after the 1st run of the week but today I had Heavy legs, stitch, heavy headed and I was not enjoying it one bit, sorry to say I had to stop. I am so cross with myself & disappointed, now i’m Wondering if I will be able to make the 5k mark. Is it just a blip??

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More than likely just a pesky blip. Some days are just not run days, we all get them, give yourself a day of rest. Make sure you are well hydrated and then go out and try again. Of course you can do it, you would not have got this far if you were not up to it. Have faith and pull on your lucky pants, go out there and nail it!

You will do it!!! Your body needs hydration and extra recovery to tackle this extra (new) activity. Good luck!

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