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Oh dear, no mojo today


I graduated last year, didn't run over the winter and did the whole programme again this year, proudly graduating and actually doing a 5k Sunrise City run last month. Since then have struggled to get myself out and this morning I felt so tired so quickly that I pretty much gave up straight away and came home. Have never completely given up like that before! Feel really defeated and disappointed in myself.

Any tips for getting my mojo back? I've never really enjoyed running, but I love the feeling of having been for a run and I want to make it part of my life. But I have real trouble staying motivated when I've finished the 9 weeks.

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Set yourself a new target? Mine was to extend one run a week by 10% to get to 5k. You could pick any distance you want.

Or start running different things e.g run the nearest k above what you can do in 30 mins and try to bring that within 30 mins?


This has happened to me a couple of times. Just be forgiving to yourself. Could be any number of reasons, sometimes we don't realise we're not feeling great, and this weather!!!!! Set yourself shorter targets, go back to week 5 if you have to then build up from there, at your own pace. You'll be back to 30 mins and/or 5k before you know it. Most importantly remember how far you've come since you started the programmes both times 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️


Thanks so much for your replies, it really helps. I love this community! I managed not to give myself a hard time, and then realised that one of the problems is that I don't have a plan or a goal. So I sat down and made a list of my motivations for continuing to run now that I've graduated, and set myself a goal for in 8 weeks time (a modest goal but one I'm happy with!).

Went out this morning and stuck to my plan, it was hard work but wow what a difference having a plan makes!!

Thanks again for responding with wise words

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