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W2R1 5.30am


Morning all, did W2R1 today and afraid to say I was apprehensive about the step up. Pleased to say I managed it no problem. Put a smiley face on my after run feeling today for the first time. What on earth is happening to me?!? Could I possibly be starting to enjoy running? I blame Trixabelleb for telling me about this app and encouraging me to give it a go. Thanks mate 😘

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Congratulations on your run. It sounds like you’re being bitten by the running bug! Once it bites it won’t let go, be warned!! 😅

It’s a fabulous programme, and you’re sure to see positive results if you stick with it. Most of all, stay slow and steady. You’ll hear that a LOT!

Update us next time you run, and have fun! You’re already sounding so positive!



Well done! And yep - it’s addictive 😂


Well done jenmossparker! Congratulations that’s fab! Best bit is there more joy too! 😉❤️


Well done Jen! I'm pleased I've managed to convince someone that running really is better than it looks. This programme is amazing. The next week always looks a bit daunting but each run really does prepare you for the next. I'll look forward to our first park run together. Happy running!

Well done, i’m at the same stage as you and, like most people on this community, understand the apprehension - but you did it 🙌🏻

Roll on W2R2 😊

I need to get my first run of week 2 in the bag but I can't until Saturday. Will be a 5 day break but cant be helped. Really looking forward to seeing what week 2 holds!

Well done Jen! I did mine the other day. It felt great! Going to do run 2 today and feel confident(ish) about smashing it this week!

Need to get my arse in gear and do some road running as I’ve done all mine on a treadmill.

But well done you, I have to say running, once you get the bug it’s hard to shift.

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