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W5R2 how did that happen


App: run for 8 minuets. Me: no I am going for a pizza. Son: run and then we can get a pizza. How the hell did I manage to run 8 Mins x 2. Ran past two people from work, one friends kid and over took a hot mum from school.... only to be then overtaken by a couple in their 20’s, number 2 son burned them off then ran back to get me. Need to look at getting a next pair of trainers feeling like mine are not offering enough support especially running on the towpath and farm tracks, any recommendations?

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Hi, have a look at the guide to the plan, healthunlocked.com/couchto5..., there is a link in there to a faq post specifically on shoes, called "WHICH SHOES?". Everyone's shoe needs are different so get some pro advice from a running shop who can have a quick look at you running and you can try shoes on - they will also understand if you are on a tight budget :).

I went to a shop called runners needs where they fit the shoes according to how you run. They film you running then again wearing different trainers. I bought some for £50. Best thing I’ve bought for running. Very comfortable and touch wood, no injuries.

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