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Wk8 run1


So after being down and feeling so sorry for myself bout not getting/wanting to run kids wanted to play in the garden so I thought fxxx it I'm gonna run in the garden. I have done what felt like 50 laps but I ran for 28 mins yay go me. I'm proud I've beat 2 gremilins today 1st running while my 5 year old twins r here and running where my neighbours can see me.

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Fantastic solution! Your own private running track. Did they join in? I think my kids would turn it into an obstacle race to challenge me!.

I plan to run with my 5 year old on his bike in the holidays. Not sure who will complete the most laps of the estate and who will crash out.

Will make the neighbours laugh, maybe some will join in.

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My wee girl did a bit but got fed up doing warm up walk 😂 my wee boy was too busy catching Pokemon he actually caught a butterfly. Only problem with my garden is it is shared with bout 50 flats and a fair amount of dog poo is left as people too lazy to pick it up. Also low washing lines meant I had to duck tho them but I did it.

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