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That's w6r2 in the bag!


That's that one done! I'll not lie, it wasn't easy to begin with, but after I'd gotten the warm up walk out of the way, it got easier. In the beginning, I had a few niggles, my right hamstring was giving me a few twinges, and my back didn't feel right but I calmed myself by thinking "shhh, little ones, I'm busy. Be quiet now." And I began, counting the dog turds on my route (why do people leave a single nugget? Annoying!) And gave up when I saw a discarded pair of socks... After the first ten minute run, I was near the lowest point in my run, (geographically people, geographically) and umming and aaahing about wether I should stay on the flat and low, but decided to bounce between two points with a little bit of an incline and then walk home. But after heading uphill toward the first point I was going to turn around at, I decided to keep on going. I went up the hill in a strange way, (I believe that old time mariners would call it 'quartering the wind') but managed to get to the top and keep on pushing until Sarah told me to stop.

A difficult run, but mainly for mental reasons. The gremlins are mainly silent these days, mainly because I can scream at them loud enough to make them scatter, but I had a few problems trying to keep my breathing long and steady before I realised my body genuinely needed extra oxygen to operate efficiently, so stepped up the speed of my breathing and the fatigue eased off a little.

Good run, I enjoyed it. Bring on run 3!

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Love your post. Those gremlins can be pesky little blighters at times. Well done for conquering your hill.

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