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New to running


Hi everyone I’ve just joined this site after my first run with couch to 5k. A few weeks ago I did my first 3 runs using other apps and my 3rd run was running for 3 mins at a time (and it was 26/27 degrees) and a few days later had horrible knee pain! I’m sure the other apps accelerated too quickly for me so I’m trying couch to 5k and fingers crossed I’ll stay injury free this time!! Any tips would be greatly appreciated x

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Hmm, are you confident that the shoes you are wearing are appropriate for running? A knee support could help too. Go steady and listen to your body.

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Thanks for replying. I actually wasn’t wearing running shoes when I did those first runs just old ones I wore for the gym. I have got some running shoes now so used them for the first time today, I’m hoping that helps! I’m also return really hard to maintain good technique and not try to run too fast yet!

Started around the save time so good luck x

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