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Is this me ?

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This is the most productive greatest way to get fit, the gradual steps are amazing I feel so fortunate finding this app, blood pressure is now in the mid twenties still ontablwts but I was in the 140s 50s. I’ve lost two stone since starting 4 plus weeks ago, with the help of slimming world diet, cutting out sugar. I’m doing it every two days early mornings my runs. Just completed week 7 run 1. Sorry to sound so positive and up beat it’s just this is a rarity for me for me to stick to it and change my lifestyle literally from the couch to being active 👍🏻😎 if anyone is struggling, keep on going! you can do it! All the best .

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On all levels.. a HUGE well done! You are scoring on all points here..:)

Relax into these lovely longer runs and let those legs begin to find their own happy pace:)

Wow fabulous! Well done making such a huge life change! 👍🏻👍🏻

This programme is surely unique - I’ve never seen a negative comment about it. It’s just the right degree of difficulty, but ultimately doable with fabulous results!

Huge congratulations to you! 😀😀😀🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️

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No need to apologise for being positive about C25K. Well done for doing so well, there's something about it that becomes addictive. Enjoy - keep on running 🙂

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