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So chuffed, 9 weeks of running done! It was hot this morning and I’m so pleased to have managed 4.8km on W9R3. Really wanted to hit that 5km, and had it been a bit cooler I don’t think I’d have been far off.

I’ve not posted much on here but I’ve enjoyed reading everyone else’s progress... and if you’re just starting out and wondering if it’s really for you just keep at it. I was awful still 6 weeks ago - breathing all over the place, struggling to get through to the next walking break but if you just keep going and trust in the programme you really can suddenly improve your fitness.

Not sure what my next big goal is but I’ll decide that once I can hit 5km in 30 mins consistently.

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Huge congratulations and very well done!!!

That 5 K will come....just let it evolve... loads of consolidation now, plenty of 30 minute runs in there, different routes etc...

But for now, the podium and your badge await!


Well done Dean! Good distance too - you’ll be at 5k really soon. It’s a real thrill to finish isn’t it?! Make sure to ask for your ‘badge’! Congratulations! 🎓🎓🎓🍾🍾🍾👏👏👏

Whoop whoop 🎉 🎉 🎉

Congratulations for completing the program and Graduating Dean👏👏👏

Well done, yes the heat makes it harder, but now you can run for 30 minutes and have made running part of your life..there will be more seasons of running to come...

Enjoy your celebrations Graduate 😊 x

Congratulations and well done! 👍👏🍾🥂🎉🥇

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